It’s been unseasonably cool the last few days. It gets down to 60* at night and doesn’t go much above 75* during the day. This makes for nice afternoon outings to the park, but cool mornings at the breakfast table.

Predictably, the boys have different ways of dealing with cooler temps.

cold 04

Matthew put on his hoddie and zipped it up to his chin. (Then he made silly faces, because he is 4 and it’s in his contract.)

cold 02

David insisted we take off his shirt. He made faces, too, because his older brother did and he Must Do What Matthew Does.

Steven and I laughed at the silly faces and silently hoped that our electricity bill will be a LOT lower this month.


September 3, 2009. family, the boys.

One Comment

  1. SK replied:

    Wow, David is getting so big!

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