Beach – Day 1

I love the beach. There is something so relaxing about walking down the wooden ramp, listening to the waves looking out at the sky.

Our vacation overlapped  with the cousins, so Matthew and Alexander got a chance to play in the sand together.


Meghan tried to convince David that sand is OK.


Matthew has not forgotten his last trip to the beach, when a wave overtook him by surprise. Eventually, he overcame his worries and went splashing in the waves.


Daddy went out with Goo goo and the boys and tossed them into on-coming waves.


Meghan and Alexander really enjoyed swimming and splashing.


David remained unconvinced.


And then, all on his own,


he stood up, walked over, and stood by the edge of the water. He just stood watching the waves for awhile, until a rogue wave washed up and soaked him up to the armpits. At which point, he retreated to the towels, complaining loudly about his wet shirt.


Fruit snacks solve all our problems.

Once we had exhausted ourselves, we packed up and headed for the showers. Goo goo introduced us to a summer treat.


Blueberry ice. Or lemon ice. Or, in Meghan’s case, soft-serve ice cream. (See that big puddle under Matthew’s feet? That was his lemon ice. Many tears were shed until we were able to scoop half of David’s blueberry ice into Matthew’s cup.)



Beach trip day one = Big Success!


September 8, 2009. Daddy, David, family, Matthew, Mommy, trips.

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