Beach Day 2

Our weather was a little cloudy on Monday, but we still enjoyed being at the beach.


David sat on the towel, still not touching sand.


Matthew has never met a shovel he didn’t love.


Daddy and Matthew took a walk on the beach and came back with a horseshoe crab.


Then we played a rousing game of beach tag. Since I was a participant, there are no photos. Disappointing, I know.

David decided the best thing to do at the beach is curl up on Yeye’s lap and take a rest.


Although later he found that kicking sand was pretty good fun, too.


Meanwhile, Matthew was conquering his fear of being hit by a wave.




Actually, Mommy was a little nervous about the waves. The surf was very rough, with constant waves and a strong undertow. I kept close by in case he lost his footing.

Back up on the towels, we went back to our favorite beach pastime,



digging in the sand.

Afterwards, we took Yeye to his favorite place for lunch, Pizza Hut.

No, really. Monday is “double punch” day. And kids eat free. Score!


September 9, 2009. family, trips.

One Comment

  1. Susie replied:

    I am enjoying a vicarious beach trip via your pictures. Not as fun as being there, but I won’t get a sunburn!

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