Miniature Golf

On our last morning in Lewes we decided to introduce Matthew to miniature golf.


He is a fan.


He is a HUGE fan.


He told me that in November, there will be no more school and no more Sunday school. Only mini golf. Every day. I suggested he might get tired of mini golf every day, but he is pretty sure he won’t.



David wanted to be a fan, but he’s too little to play. We were hoping he would nap in the car while Matthew played. Obviously, that didn’t pan out.

Final score: Daddy- 62, Mommy – 58, Matthew – 73 (we capped the maximum number of strokes at 6 per hole. Otherwise, none of us would look so good.)


September 14, 2009. family, trips.

One Comment

  1. Susie replied:

    Tell Matthew I would be happy to join him for a November dedicated exclusively to mini-golf. That would be an interesting “Leave of Absence” memo request.

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