Play Group Party

This is really a post about the wonderful friends I have found since becoming a mom. You’ll understand why by the end.

Since David’s birthday is Friday, I offered to bring cupcakes to play group this week. We’ll have the family party Sunday, but I thought it would be nice to celebrate with a few friends. Lauren was happy to have some cupcakes for snack, and offered to put up “some streamers.”

pg party 01

“Soom” streamers, coordinating table clothe, napkins, plates, and party hats greeted us when we walked in. How cool is that? And for the record, Avery is not picking her nose. I swear.

pg party 02

David enjoyed listening to the kids sing “Happy Birthday.” He tried very hard to blow out the candles, but it took the combined efforts of Mommy and Matthew to get both of them out.

pg party 05

The cupcakes were a crumbly mess,

pg party 06

but no one seemed to mind,

pg party 07

except, maybe, Lauren, who had to vacuum her floor as soon as we ate.

Then, as if the cupcakes weren’t enough, there were gifts.

pg party 08

Luke helped David open a Spider Man ball.

pg party 10

Matthew helped Luke help David to open a big bat and ball set

Lauren even thought to get “party favors.” The rubber balls of summer were on sale and she got one for each kid at the party.

David had a great time. It was such a kind and generous thing for the ladies to do, turning over play group to a mini-party for David. Not for the first time, nor for the last, did I think I am one lucky mom.


September 17, 2009. Daddy, Matthew, special occasions.

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