Fire Truck Cake

David loves fire trucks. He exclaims wildly whenever we pass one on the road, and he always, always, makes the sound. So, I decided I would make him a fire truck cake for his birthday.

The cake un-molded perfectly from the Wilton Fire Truck cake pan. Then it went completely down hill.

cake 01

First, I dropped the pan onto the cake. Yes, really. I couldn’t believe I did it. That is the crater in the bottom left corner. Next, I tried to move the cooled cake to the cookie sheet for decorating. This led to several cracks along the top. Finally, with Steven’s help, we slid aluminum foil under the cake, lifted it up, and slid it onto the cookie sheet. This resulted in the big fat crack in the middle.

And then I realized I was one bag short for the red frosting and would have to go to the store for the third time this weekend.

I nearly cried.

Instead, I laid down a thin layer of frosting over the whole mess and, as if by magic, it looked much better.

See? Frosting cures all problems!

cake 03

The rest of the cake frosting was blissfully uneventful. The directions were easy to follow and the cake turned out pretty well, as long as you don’t look too closely at the tires.

Best of all, Matthew announced the cake was “amazing” and told me I should think about becoming a baker when I grow up.

How could I stay upset after a compliment like that?

David loved the cake. Here he is stealing a taste of frosting before we did the candles-and-singing thing.


I guess he already knows the curative powers of frosting.


September 21, 2009. David, family, special occasions.


  1. carlin replied:

    What a gorgeous cake!!!! (And, you’d never know any of the disasters happened by looking at the finished product!!)

  2. Susie replied:

    You are officially a master craftsman of cake decorating. Maybe you should try again with the petit fours!!!!

  3. Beth replied:

    It looks great! I was just wondering to myself how the cake turned out, which led me to your blog (don’t hate me, but I am a horrible friend and rarely look at blogs anymore). Anywho – it looked beautiful and I’m so happy David loved it! Sorry about the drama…I often wonder why I torment myself so…

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