A Weekend in Falmouth

This weekend we headed up to Falmouth, MA, for Catherine’s wedding to Dan. It was a beautiful fall day in New England.

Wouldn’t it be nice if I had a great picture of the two of them at the church? Sadly, I forgot to bring the camera.

The reception was also lovely. We brought the camera, but it’s hard to get a great shot of two people who are very busy having a wonderful time celebrating their wedding.

reception 001

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

There was excellent food, some very very very good cake, and a whole lot of dancing.

reception 03_r

Catherine danced with her dad,

reception 35

Dan danced with his mom,

reception 38_r

the flower girl danced with the ring bearer (who looked a lot happier now that he didn’t have to walk down the aisle in front of a bunch of strangers)

reception 41_r

and the rest of us danced as often as our fancy shoes would let us.

reception 47

The cake was really yummy. We had ice cream cake for dessert, so we got to take the wedding cake home. Wedding cake makes a mighty nice breakfast.

reception 22_r

It was so nice to be able to spend the afternoon chatting with friends.

reception 19

Traci and Robb brought two (three?) week old Seth. He was doing his impersonation of a Very Good Baby and didn’t cry at all.

reception 27

That night we went to dinner at Casino Wharf. There was an 80’s cover band playing upstairs. We enjoyed listening to songs we could sing along with.

casino wharf 01

The morning dawned rainy, windy, and cool. We persevered and took a walk on the beach. You can’t be that close to the ocean and not walk on the beach.

beach 01

Then we headed over for brunch.

brunch 07

Catherine and Dan looked remarkably cheerful for two people who had spent more than 24 hours smiling and shaking hands.

I bet they ate wedding cake for breakfast, too.


September 29, 2009. Daddy, Mommy, special occasions.

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