Disney – Day 4

On Thursday, we headed to Animal Kingdom. We had a lot of fun in the morning going on Safari, taking a walking tour, watching “The Lion King” stage show, and meeting some characters.

Steven has been on an actual safari in Africa, but he thought the one at Disney was a lot more fun.


Hot + humid = blurry photo.





Being able to walk at our own pace through an outdoor animal exhibit was a nice break from dragging the boys from one stop to the next.


That’s a frog. Ick. And here are a pair of pancake turtles.


The big fish tanks were a favorite of both boys.


The Lion King show was fantastic. Matthew went to sit in the front row with Margaret, Claire, Wesley, and Hannah.





David loved the music. He clapped along with the finale.


On our way out, we got a chance to meet some characters.


Wesley, Clair, Joshua, Matthew and Hannah got to meet Pocahontas. When Matthew saw the picture he said, “Pocahontas was nice. And she is soooooo cute.”



Margaret and her crew got to meet Lilo and Stitch. Matthew was fascinated by Stitch, but a little too afraid to go stand next to him.

Next we headed to Wilderness Lodge for lunch at the Whispering Canyon restaurant. This was a ton of fun. They serve a family style skillet meal, sing songs, and have Pony Races in the middle of the meal.


We took the ferry back to Magic Kingdom, where we could catch a bus back to Saratoga Springs resort (you can’t get a bus from one resort to another).


We headed home, since it was raining and we needed a nap. I wish I could say the rain cooled things down, but not so much. It was still pretty hot when we headed back to Downtown Disney for dinner.


October 23, 2009. family, trips.

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