Disney – Day 5

We headed back to the Magic Kingdom for our last full day in Disney. It was cloudy and a little breezy, so the heat wasn’t as bad.


We started off in Tomorrow Land, the area we didn’t get to on Monday. We enjoyed the rides, including the Buzz Lightyear adventure,


the Astro Orbiter,


and (our favorite) the race cars.


Matthew told me later that Claire didn’t do a very good job of driving. Steven reports that Matthew wasn’t any better. Even Wesley, our oldest kid at age 9, had a hard time going straight.

After a few hours of rides, we headed off for lunch at Liberty Tavern. Joshua was celebrating his 2nd birthday.


Then it was off for more theme park adventures, like the Swiss Family Robinson tree house,


Aladdin’s Magic Carpet ride, with spitting camel


a jungle river cruise,


and a trip down Splash Mountain.


Matthew loved Splash Mountain. As soon as he got off, he wanted to go right back on. Claire and Hannah were less impressed.

While the Big Kids rode the ride, the Little Guys played out front.


We headed back to Fantasy Land for another round of rides on Dumbo and the carousel.



And then, incredibly, it was after dinner time. We ate some sandwiches and started to head for home.


It waited to rain until we were leaving the park, which was fine with us.

As a treat for the boys, I got Micky Mouse shaped rice krispie treats. We ate them while we waited for our bus and talked about all the fun we had during the day.


October 24, 2009. family, trips.

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  1. Susie replied:

    Buzz Lightyear Adventure is Clem’s favorite

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