The Way Things Are

Sometimes our days are good, sometimes our days are bad.

And sometimes our days are ridiculous.

The day before the plumbers started putting huge holes in the walls to reach our decrepit pipes, David came down with a fever. He has been miserable. We think, but we can’t confirm, that he has canker sores in his mouth. He complains loudly about eating and drinking, but is hungry and thirsty.

And then, because it just wasn’t interesting enough around here, Matthew got sick. Another lost day of school, not to mention the quandary of what to do with two feverish children when We Have No Water.

We went to the Air and Space museum for the morning. I’ll post pictures later, but I just don’t have the energy to download them right now. Sick children don’t sleep and neither does their mother.


October 31, 2009. Mommy, special occasions.

One Comment

  1. carlin replied:

    Not to make this worse, but have you considered that at least one of the kids has Hand, Foot, and Mouth (Coxsackie virus) disease? Rhys had it last year and the sores started in his mouth and then started popping up everywhere and looked like blisters. (His feet peeled for weeks after.) It took 10 days for it to work through his system. If that’s what David has, I’d buy alot of tylenol and set up shop at your mom’s house.

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