The Ceiling

I came home on Tuesday evening and found this.

ceiling 01

You might be tempted to focus on the complete disaster that is the family room (God knows I was) but it’s the nine holes in the ceiling I meant to capture.


ceiling 02_r

That’s in addition to the holes across the dining room wall, the one in the family room wall, the one in Matthew’s room, the one in David’s room, and the one in the tile of our bathroom.

I can see daylight through this one.

ceiling 03

It goes from the family room into the master bath.

The plumber said that the pipes turned out to be “a bit more complicated” than he thought. I didn’t dare roll my eyes. He was the only guy who could fix it all.

The good news is, the pipes are done, the water works, and the holes are patched. The bad news is,  now most of the house looks like the family room picture above. Except with a 1/4 inch layer of dust on every single surface.

It may have been simpler just to move.


November 7, 2009. family.


  1. SK replied:

    Oh girl. What a pain in the ass. But glad the water works ; )

  2. carlin replied:

    Can you hire someone to help with the cleaning? I think you’ve earned it!!

  3. Shelley replied:

    Yeah. I was going to say to pay someone for a “deep clean”. Seriously. After someone who had a basement finished ONE day before a wedding reception in her house, and one who lived through a large home remodel with 2 small kids- HIRE OUT. Then breathe deep clean smells while you drink tea:) (or wine…)

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