Erin’s Wedding

On Saturday, we attended Erin’s wedding. It was a wonderful day.

ceremony 10

Erin made a beautiful bride. They both looked so happy.

Here is the wedding party after the ceremony.

ceremony 22

Steven sang with a handful of Fairfax Choral Society members during the ceremony.

ceremony 14

Donna and Jim joined the singers as well. Donna is on the far right, Jim is to Steven’s right. I was very impressed they were able to sing in the middle of their daughter’s wedding.

After the wedding, we headed to the Lake Anne Inn for the reception.

reception 01

This was the cake and cupcake display. The cupcakes looked super cute. After spending most of Thursday baking and icing them, “Team Cupcake” was very excited to see the finished product. We stood around high-fiving each other.

reception 02_r

The cupcakes on the cake tiers have purple and orange tropical flowers. The cupcakes on the stands have a palm tree and surfboard on the top cupcake, and star fish and “sand” on the rest.

Before Phil and Erin cut the cake the official cake toppers were put on.

reception 08

Erin says Phil is her “superman”, and Phil calls Erin “sweet duck.”

They said the cake was delicious.

reception 21_r

That’s because Aunt Suzanne is an excellent baker.

reception 20

There was dancing and merriment,

reception 18

but we had to get home and rescue Grandpa the Amazing Stand-In Babysitter.


November 16, 2009. family, special occasions.

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