Now THAT’s a Saviour

We have our holiday decorations out, complete with two, kid-friendly, Nativity sets. One set is missing Baby Jesus because, I shudder to admit this, David threw him in the trash. And by the time I realized that’s what must have happened to poor Baby Jesus, it was long past trash day.

So this year I have kept a watchful eye on our only remaining Baby Jesus. But I couldn’t find him today when I was tidying up before our grocery store run.

I checked under the sofa, under the coffee table, in my newly-labeled-and-organized bins, under the tree, under the books. No Jesus. I was just about to check the trash (heaven help us!) when I spied a place I hadn’t checked.

Viola! There was Baby Jesus, stuffed into the driver’s seat of the toy fire truck.

Apparently, Jesus can save you from your sins AND a burning building.


December 4, 2009. David, Mommy.


  1. Kelly replied:

    LOL 🙂

  2. Shelley replied:

    Too cute:)

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