B&O Railroad Museum

We took advantage of Daddy’s holiday to visit the B&O Railroad museum in Baltimore. Grandpa and Grand Yau yau joined us for the fun.

We were lucky to get there at the holidays. They had a bunch of model trains set up in the roundhouse.

We got to ride a real train, too.

And again, we lucked out. The holiday train ride featured Frosty the Snowman.

One of these days, Matthew is going to ride a train and NOT get a candy cane. He’s going to be mighty disappointed.

There was an outside train display, too.

It was about 20* outside, and windy.

I had not planned for that level of cold weather and the amount of outdoor things there were to do.

We were pretty cold, but this never seems to slow the boys down any. Matthew enjoyed shouting, “Allllll Aboooooooooooard!”

I finally dragged David inside to warm up. We ran around climbing on the train cars they have open and taking a final look at the model train displays.

You would think, after all this running around, both boys would have been sound asleep in the car on the ride home.

You would have been wrong.


January 2, 2010. family, special occasions.

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