The Nosebleed

Sometimes Matthew has a hard time settling down to bed, so it wasn’t surprising to hear him call for me 10 min. after I left his room Tuesday night. “I’ll be right there!” I called and went back to what I was doing. And he called out again, so Steven called back, “We’ll  be there in a minute” and went back to what he was doing.  And then I heard his little feet padding down the hall way and I sighed to myself.

And then I heard Steven exclaim, “Oh my God!”

Matthew’s face and hands were slick with bright red blood.

It only took a minute to clean him up and get the nose to stop bleeding. I changed his sheets and replaced the comforter with a blanket, tucked him, and gave him a kiss. He was totally cool about the whole thing.

I aged about 5 years myself.

PS – I’m pretty sure his carpet is never going to be the same.


January 14, 2010. Matthew.


  1. SK replied:

    That happened to Jake once. It’s scarey. Sorry about the carpet 😉

  2. EEyler replied:

    aww 😦 James used to get nosebleeds all the time when he was younger–they seemed to happen more in the winter (maybe because the air is drier?) so my parents used to put a humidifier in his room. So if it becomes a recurring theme, you could try that–although I hope it won’t!!

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