A Future Attorney?

On the way to school, we saw an ambulance streak past, lights flashing and all. This, of course, got the full attention my junior fire fighters.

Matthew called out, “Mommy! Look! An ambulance!”

Mommy “Yep, that’s an ambulance.”

Matthew “Let’s chase it!”

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Fun With David

The sitter didn’t come for Bible study on Thursday. I was all set to go home and clean instead, but Michelle thought of something more fun – a trip to the mall play area!

David was delighted to run around, climb, slide, chase, and slide some more. Dulles Town Center has a play area full of squishy stuff like an airplane and a train. There is a Starbucks conveniently located nearby. They are no fools.

I sipped my latte with the other moms-who-need-the-sitter while David wore himself out. But he still wanted to ride the carousel in the food court. David always has enough energy for a good carousel ride.

And just because I was feeling pretty guilty that I don’t do this kind of thing enough with David, we stopped at Mrs. Fields and got some mini-cookies.

When we got in the car to get Matthew for school, I asked him, “Did you have fun today?”

“Yeah.” he said. “I fun.”

Well,  yes, actually. He is fun.

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We’ve Got Diapers!

Our diaper order arrived yesterday.

Grandma couldn’t get in through the front door because the delivery person left them side by side on the porch. It took two of us to get the boxes in through the front door.

In our defense, David needs the chlorine free, scent free diapers and we need to order them on-line.

Plus, now the boys cans make another box fort.

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Crazy Hats.

Last week, Yeye and Grandma took us to dinner. We went to Matthew’s new favorite place, Silver Diner. On Tuesdays, they have family night. They give over one sections to a craft table and sit all the little kids in that section.

Woo hoo! We can hoot and jump and wiggle and no one will care! It’s a brilliant plan. I wish I had known about it sooner.

This week’s craft was crazy hats. The boys enjoyed sticking balls and stars all over their sparkly visors.

Yeye helped David.


Grandma helped Matthew with his visor.

They were very proud of their hats, but they decided to switch them later that night. Rather, Matthew decided he wanted David’s hat and David didn’t care.

Best part for the adults, we got out of the house. Since it was still too snowy to go walking, this was a big plus.

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Sometimes the boys drive me crazy. Like when I have to repeat myself 10-to-20 thousand times before they STOP RUNNING THROUGH THE DINING ROOM.

Just as an example.

But other times they are so sweet and loving it just breaks my heart.

Like last night, when I had to get gas on the way home from Nana and Grandpa’s. And the credit machine didn’t work, so I had to go in to the cashier. Which meant I had to leave them in the car and walk the 10 feet to the store. I told them I had to run in and would be right back. Right Back! This did not sit well with David, who burst into tears as I walked away.

When I got back, Matthew told me, “David was missing you. He cried. So I told him knock knock jokes and sang to him about Jesus.”

And then Matthew burst into a rousing rendition of “Jesus loves me, this I know.” And David cheerfully responded with, “Knock knock!”


Sometimes they are so much fun to be around I wish they would never leave.

But only sometimes.

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Jr. Fire Fighters

The boys have been playing a game where they are fire fighters. They start  in Matthew’s room “sleeping.” Then the alarm sounds. They jump up and run downstairs making loud fire truck noises. They race around the house yelling, “Mommy! There’s a fire!” and then they stop and put it out with their hoses.

And then they go back up to the fire station and start all over again.

Fire fighters don’t have time for photo ops.

Grandma got to be an honorary fire fighter. She did not have to run around wailing like a fire truck. She was more like the fire chief directing the fire fighters and telling them when the fire was out.

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Maybe In a Few Years

Grandma and Yeye came for a few days this week. On our way back from dinner, Grandma talked to Matthew about coming to stay in DE with them.

Grandma “Maybe someday, just you and David can come and stay with us. Would you like to do that?”

Matthew “Well…. we can’t drive. So maybe Mommy and Daddy would have to come with us.”

I laughed so hard I cried. But Janice, always cool under pressure, didn’t miss a beat.

Grandma “Well, Yeye and I can come get you and drive you to Delaware in our minivan.”

Matthew “Ohhhhh! Grandma, that’s a great idea!”

He cracks me up. Like we’d let him drive to Delaware.

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Sink Tub

David has been having some, um…., “tummy trouble” lately. This resulted in many tears at every diaper change. We decided to give frequent baths with baking soda a try.

The easiest place to do this is the kitchen sink.

David was not wild about this idea at first. He clung to me and wailed. And then he found the sippy cups in the drying rack.

He also found the measuring spoons, a ladle, and a couple bowls.

The baths seemed to help. An added bonus is that the sink is shiny clean now, too.

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Happy (Chinese) New Year

This year, Chinese New Year fell on the same day as Valentine’s day. This posed a dilemma – what to make for dinner? I went with a Valentine’s day meal of London broil, baked potato, and salad. Steven asked, “What? No noodles?” Sigh….

But in deference to Chinese New Year (this is the year of the tiger), we bought a bag of clementines (round foods are good luck) and put them in a bowl on the sofa table.

Right next to the Valentine’s day roses.

Being multi-cultural requires some balancing.

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Valentine’s Day Cake

At some point during the second blizzard last week, I turned to Matthew and said, “What are we going to do for Daddy’s Valentine’s day gift?”

He didn’t even pause. “Let’s bake him a cake!”

Well, OK. I can do that.

After some very subtly questioning (“Hey, what kind of cake do you like?”) I decided to try a strawberry cake. Matthew helped for almost ten full seconds before he decided to play with his trucks.

The cake was pretty yummy, but not very pretty. Adding fresh strawberries to the cream cheese frosting made it very thin. Even after tucking the cake in the fridge for an hour, the frosting was pretty mushy.

They didn’t seem to mind.

Matthew wouldn’t take a picture. He was in a mood over something. Otherwise, it was a very nice Valentine’s day dessert.

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