Paternal Instinct

David likes borrowing baby dolls from Nana’s house. He was busy undressing and re-dressing them, so I showed him how to wrap them up for “nigh-nights.” Matthew got curious. I fished Jessica out of the stuffed animal bin, grabbed his old baby blanket, (“Mommy! I remember this one! I LOVE this one!”) and wrapped her up, too.

Then the boys disappeared upstairs for a while.

I went to check things out. It was dark upstairs and Matthew met in the hallway saying, “Shh!!! The babies are sleeping.”

I peeked in David’s room. The noise machine was on and the room was dark, except for his night-light.

See that basket on the chair?

The “babies” were sleeping peacefully, so I left them.

Then I went into Matthew’s room, which was also dark. He had turned on his noise machine and his CD player. I looked over on his bed.

There was Jessica, neatly wrapped in the blanket and tucked in to bed with a stuffed animal.

He made sure I talked very softly at bedtime that night so I wouldn’t wake her.

It’s hard to describe how sweet and tender the boys were with the babies. It was a glimpse into how they see the role of parents, and it made me very grateful they have such good examples of excellent fathers in their lives.


February 1, 2010. the boys.

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