Small and Mighty

That’s David, according to our recent two-year-old check-up.

No, you didn’t read that wrong. He went for his two-year-old check-up on Tuesday. Yes, he IS 2 1/2. What’s your point? I got there eventually.

According to the stats, David is “on the small side.”

Weight l- 25 lbs., 7%

Height – 34 in., 12%

Head circumference – 47 1/2 cm., 14%

He is doing all the things he should be doing, including talking A WHOLE LOT MORE thanks to our very dedicated speech therapist. He eats well, he pees well, and he still sits in a car seat. These are the highlights of a well child visit when you are two.

I did ask if perhaps something was hideously wrong with him, since he has been sick every single month for well over a year. Apparently, this is well within the average range of viral infections a child could have. I was astounded. Our pediatrician assured me David will be healthy as a horse by the time he gets to Kindergarten.

I’m going to remind her of this when he turns 5.


February 3, 2010. David.

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