Crazy Hats.

Last week, Yeye and Grandma took us to dinner. We went to Matthew’s new favorite place, Silver Diner. On Tuesdays, they have family night. They give over one sections to a craft table and sit all the little kids in that section.

Woo hoo! We can hoot and jump and wiggle and no one will care! It’s a brilliant plan. I wish I had known about it sooner.

This week’s craft was crazy hats. The boys enjoyed sticking balls and stars all over their sparkly visors.

Yeye helped David.


Grandma helped Matthew with his visor.

They were very proud of their hats, but they decided to switch them later that night. Rather, Matthew decided he wanted David’s hat and David didn’t care.

Best part for the adults, we got out of the house. Since it was still too snowy to go walking, this was a big plus.


February 24, 2010. David, family, Matthew.

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