Tambourine Man

Daddy had a concert last week. He got to play the tambourine during one of the songs. (I’d ask him which one, but he is asleep on the couch and I don’t want to wake him.)

We were all mighty impressed with his fancy tambourine.

We think he sounds great playing it, too.

We are all about percussion instruments in this house.

March 30, 2010. Daddy. 1 comment.

More “Fun” at Chuck E. Cheese

Matthew’s friend from pre-school invited us to a birthday lunch at Chuck E. Cheese. The good news is that it is pretty empty on a Wednesday. The bad news is that two boys are totally capable of going in the opposite directions for 90 minutes straight.

Mommy had a pretty fierce headache by the time we left.

But the boys had a lot of fun.

Matthew on the Derby ride.

David on the Derby ride.


Riding the mini carousel.

Pizza time!

Chuckey (Chuck E.? Charles?) came over to sing "Happy Birthday."

They asked if anyone else wanted to hug Chuckey. Matthew nearly knocked over his chair he was so excited.

We turned in our tickets for some lollipops and headed home. We left before we used up all our tokens, which means (I shudder to even think about this) we’ll be going back.

March 29, 2010. David, Matthew, Mommy, the boys. 1 comment.

David and the Audiologist

David does not like having things stuck in his ears. He does not like sitting in a room he doesn’t recognize, with people he doesn’t know, while crazy monkey toys randomly start banging toy drums.

Does. Not. Like. It.

So today was not his best day ever. We got up early, joined the throngs of people driving east on 66, and went for his second audiological assessment. He ate cereal in the car and watched a Dora dvd. This was the highlight of his day.

Then we had the assessment in the little room with strangers and the crazy monkey toy.

The good news is, he passed the hearing test.

The not so good news is, they couldn’t get movement in his left ear. So we headed to the doctor’s office so ANOTHER PERSON could stick something in his ear and rule out an ear infection.

More good news – he does not have an ear infection, just some congestion.

Worst news of the day? We have to do this again in a year. Because there is just a slight possibility that he isn’t hearing fully out of one ear and they can’t really check that until he is old enough to wear the headphones.

At least we have 364 1/4 days to recuperate.

March 26, 2010. David. 1 comment.

The Bear Trap

We have a lot of sticks in our yard. I tried to convince the boys to pick them up and put them in a pile for me. I even offered a penny a stick for the job. No luck.

Then I suggested Matthew could use the sticks to build a bear trap. He was elated. More sticks were gathered than we could use, many from our neighbor’s yard (I bet they didn’t mind) and we built the trap.

Matthew is convinced that bears live in our neighborhood. And in the park near Nana’s house. And in Alaska. Nothing we say can convince him that bears don’t live here. It’s too warm, there are too many people, blah blah blah blah blah. He remains steadfast.

We baited the trap with pine cones. I offered to help him bear cakes with peanut butter and bird seed, but that must have seemed like too much work.

Matthew watched the trap all afternoon. He shouted once that he could see a bear. “Where?” I asked. “I don’t see one.”

“It’s an invisible bear, Mommy.”

Which explains why it’s so hard to spot.

The bear trap was such fun to make, Matthew made one in the back yard, too.

The traps haven’t been touched yet. Matthew told me yesterday he thinks we need to move them to a tree with a bee’s nest in it. I told him that was a GREAT project to do with Daddy.

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Rainbow Tree

Matthew announced he wanted to paint a rainbow tree. Sounded like a nice craft at the easel to me.

No, he wanted to paint a tree. In rainbow colors.

Thus ensued one of those random conversations in parenting where you try to explain why it isn’t a good idea to paint an actual tree.

Instead, I drew a tree and let the boys paint it rainbow colors. And being the kind of children they are, they decided they didn’t want to paint anyway. So they used crayons.

The blue streak at the top is a meteor.

Your welcome.

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Family Day

Friday was Family Day in the Star Ponies class. Daddy went for the first hour, and David and I came for the last hour. We got there in time for sharing.

It was Matthew’s sharing day and he brought (are you ready to be amazed?) a car.

David zeroed in on the train table.

We headed outside for recess.

After play time they sang their good-bye song and said their final prayer.

It was nice to spend some time at school watching the kids interact and talking with the other moms. Matthew’s class is a pretty tight group this year. The moms know each other well from pick-up and drop-off time. We celebrate birthdays together, commiserate about the weather, and celebrate when a sick kid is back at school. ┬áIt’s been a great year. I may have to cry just a little bit on the last day of pre-school.

You’ve been warned.

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Worst Day Ever

We have not had an especially good day today. Matthew declared it “the worst day ever.” It was all I could do not to reply, “No, it’s the worst day so far.”

Among the many arguments we have had is the one about the books. On the bathroom floor. ALL the books. ALL OVER the bathroom floor. I did not put them there. I have no intention of picking them back up.

Matthew doesn’t seem to have any intention of picking them up, either, but I am bigger and stronger and have WAY more than 4 (and a half!) years of practice at being stubborn. I told him he could sit in the bathroom or he could sit on the stairs, but he would be picking up those books before he did anything else.

I thought at first he was just faking it, but then I heard him snoring.

I hope he gets a good rest, because I am not picking those books up.

March 23, 2010. Matthew, Mommy. 3 comments.

Celebrating Spring

We celebrated the arrival of spring by flinging sand on the deck and getting completely undressed. And when I say “we” I mean “the boys.”

It started innocently enough. Matthew decided to empty the water out of the sand box.

It’s unclear to me if David was helping, or if he just got in the way.

One minute, Matthew was complaining about wet pants,

and the next minute wet pants were no longer an issue.

I think the boots are nice touch, don’t you?

I put out some towels for a little picnic snack. The boys showed off downward-dog yoga poses.

Then David decided he was missing out on the naked sand play fun.

On the plus side, they got their vitamin D for the day.

March 21, 2010. David, Matthew. 1 comment.

The Playground, Again!

We went back to the same playground with our play group this week. We had just as much fun. Matthew and David actually played together for a while.

They played their favorite game – fire fighters! Matthew yells, “Fire! Fire! Fire!” and David chimes in with “Weee-ah, weee-ah, weee-ah!” And then they run around like mad.

They climbed into the “fire truck” to drive to the fire. And then Matthew got all distracted with the chance to climb up on top of the truck.

I thought he was yelling to tell me how high up he was, but it turns out he couldn’t figure out how to get down. Oops.

He found a scooter to try out.

He needs more practice.

David found a bike to ride. He can’t quite peddle yet, but he did a good job of walking it up the hill and rolling back down.

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Boys With Sticks

The weather this week has been fabulous – sunny, warm, clear skies, but not hot. Delightful! We have been outside every afternoon. On Tuesday, we went to a friend’s house to play. Once they were done fighting over the roller coaster ride-on toy, they picked up the biggest sticks they could find and ran around the yard waving them, while the mom’s sat on the deck yelling, “Be careful! You’re gonna put somebody’s eye out with that thing!”

You can’t see it much in the pictures, but even Nate and David had sticks. Nate proudly walked around with his 2 inch stick for most of the afternoon. Fear the younger brothers!

March 19, 2010. David, Matthew. 2 comments.

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