Back on the Farm

We had one last day of sunshine before the rain came, so we headed to our local farm. We went into the barn to see the new babies, including a 4-day-old calf, but David clung to me so tightly I couldn’t get to the camera.

Once we were back out in the open,  he got down to run. Ironically, he had no problem waving at the full-grown cows in the field.

Maybe it was because they were so much further away. At any rate, they climbed the fence and shouted, “Hi cows!”

We saw all our favorites – the sheep, the goats, the ducks, the chickens, the bunnies (who had – thank goodness! – pooped all over the place) and the peacock.

And then we ran into our friends, Caroline and Katherine. We ran one more circuit of the animals and then headed for the tractors.

We headed home covered in dirt and absolutely delighted that “visiting the farm season” has returned.


March 13, 2010. David, Matthew, the boys.

One Comment

  1. Auntie Libbie replied:

    But…we have a REAL tractor that they can sit on for….as long as they like…and Ralf would even give them a ride!!! Maybe even let Matthew hold the steering wheel…..Someday you will have to come visit our farm.

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