Boys With Sticks

The weather this week has been fabulous – sunny, warm, clear skies, but not hot. Delightful! We have been outside every afternoon. On Tuesday, we went to a friend’s house to play. Once they were done fighting over the roller coaster ride-on toy, they picked up the biggest sticks they could find and ran around the yard waving them, while the mom’s sat on the deck yelling, “Be careful! You’re gonna put somebody’s eye out with that thing!”

You can’t see it much in the pictures, but even Nate and David had sticks. Nate proudly walked around with his 2 inch stick for most of the afternoon. Fear the younger brothers!


March 19, 2010. David, Matthew.


  1. Auntie Libbie replied:

    It’s inevitable…it’s instinctual. I know a link to a youtube showing Bonobo Chimp “children” showing off with sticks…impressing each other with their great awesome fearfulness 🙂 Solution: let them have “boffing” sticks…not invented directly by mother nature and way safer. My boys had many in various forms…and STILL play with them on ocassion…and they can be easily constructed at home!!! Altho’ you may want to wait for a few more years, I suppose…or… may be not.

  2. Auntie Libbie replied:

    Oh…and just to be clear…Molly had them also and loved playing with them. It is not just a “boy” thing. However, the boys were the only ones that joined the “Boffing Club” in middle school/high school.

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