Worst Day Ever

We have not had an especially good day today. Matthew declared it “the worst day ever.” It was all I could do not to reply, “No, it’s the worst day so far.”

Among the many arguments we have had is the one about the books. On the bathroom floor. ALL the books. ALL OVER the bathroom floor. I did not put them there. I have no intention of picking them back up.

Matthew doesn’t seem to have any intention of picking them up, either, but I am bigger and stronger and have WAY more than 4 (and a half!) years of practice at being stubborn. I told him he could sit in the bathroom or he could sit on the stairs, but he would be picking up those books before he did anything else.

I thought at first he was just faking it, but then I heard him snoring.

I hope he gets a good rest, because I am not picking those books up.


March 23, 2010. Matthew, Mommy.


  1. Susie replied:

    Stay strong woman!

  2. shellstrum replied:

    too funny! And sadly sounds like a similar fight I had with the kids yesterday…

  3. SK replied:

    Girl…were you able to hold out ? Henry has declared that a few times…today is the worstest day ever! So you’re right…so far ; )

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