David and the Audiologist

David does not like having things stuck in his ears. He does not like sitting in a room he doesn’t recognize, with people he doesn’t know, while crazy monkey toys randomly start banging toy drums.

Does. Not. Like. It.

So today was not his best day ever. We got up early, joined the throngs of people driving east on 66, and went for his second audiological assessment. He ate cereal in the car and watched a Dora dvd. This was the highlight of his day.

Then we had the assessment in the little room with strangers and the crazy monkey toy.

The good news is, he passed the hearing test.

The not so good news is, they couldn’t get movement in his left ear. So we headed to the doctor’s office so ANOTHER PERSON could stick something in his ear and rule out an ear infection.

More good news – he does not have an ear infection, just some congestion.

Worst news of the day? We have to do this again in a year. Because there is just a slight possibility that he isn’t hearing fully out of one ear and they can’t really check that until he is old enough to wear the headphones.

At least we have 364 1/4 days to recuperate.


March 26, 2010. David.

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