The Bear Trap

We have a lot of sticks in our yard. I tried to convince the boys to pick them up and put them in a pile for me. I even offered a penny a stick for the job. No luck.

Then I suggested Matthew could use the sticks to build a bear trap. He was elated. More sticks were gathered than we could use, many from our neighbor’s yard (I bet they didn’t mind) and we built the trap.

Matthew is convinced that bears live in our neighborhood. And in the park near Nana’s house. And in Alaska. Nothing we say can convince him that bears don’t live here. It’s too warm, there are too many people, blah blah blah blah blah. He remains steadfast.

We baited the trap with pine cones. I offered to help him bear cakes with peanut butter and bird seed, but that must have seemed like too much work.

Matthew watched the trap all afternoon. He shouted once that he could see a bear. “Where?” I asked. “I don’t see one.”

“It’s an invisible bear, Mommy.”

Which explains why it’s so hard to spot.

The bear trap was such fun to make, Matthew made one in the back yard, too.

The traps haven’t been touched yet. Matthew told me yesterday he thinks we need to move them to a tree with a bee’s nest in it. I told him that was a GREAT project to do with Daddy.


March 26, 2010. Matthew.

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