More “Fun” at Chuck E. Cheese

Matthew’s friend from pre-school invited us to a birthday lunch at Chuck E. Cheese. The good news is that it is pretty empty on a Wednesday. The bad news is that two boys are totally capable of going in the opposite directions for 90 minutes straight.

Mommy had a pretty fierce headache by the time we left.

But the boys had a lot of fun.

Matthew on the Derby ride.

David on the Derby ride.


Riding the mini carousel.

Pizza time!

Chuckey (Chuck E.? Charles?) came over to sing "Happy Birthday."

They asked if anyone else wanted to hug Chuckey. Matthew nearly knocked over his chair he was so excited.

We turned in our tickets for some lollipops and headed home. We left before we used up all our tokens, which means (I shudder to even think about this) we’ll be going back.


March 29, 2010. David, Matthew, Mommy, the boys.

One Comment

  1. Auntie Libbie replied:

    Oooo…Oooo…look!! They both rode the pony ride!!! Maybe they will come visi someday to ride our real ponies 🙂

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