Will Pee for Jelly Beans

David has been “potty practicing” off and on for a while now. He doesn’t have to be trained until pre-school in September, but doing it early would help his eczema. Although he has always been very cheerful about using the potty, he hadn’t gotten the hang of keeping his pants dry in between potty visits.

Until this weekend.

This weekend we tried on underpants, visited the potty often, and got jelly beans for using the potty and for keeping pants dry.

Jelly beans! This has been the key element for our (relative) success. We sing our potty song as we march to the bathroom, and David yells, “Treats! Yelly beans!”

We have a way to go before he is “pre-school” potty trained, but the progress is encouraging. And even though he had a stomach virus on Potty Training Day #3, he seems to have bounced back well.

Now we just need to make sure we have enough jelly beans in the house.

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Spring Break

Although Spring Break was weeks ago, I have just now gotten around to posting the pictures. The boys had a wonderful time with their cousins. Take a look.

Watching a little TV

Enjoying spaghetti

Sooooo delicious.

Pizza at Yeye's favorite place

Bath time!

David and Yeye on the beach

Grandma on the beach with the kids

David found a stick - bliss!

Everybody on a bike

David got a chance to ride the tricycle

Matthew got very comfortable on a two-wheeler


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Giving Up The Nap

Sleep transitions have not been easy in our house. First, there was the whole “learning to fall asleep on your own” thing, and then there was the “you don’t need to eat every two hours all night long” thing, followed soon after by “and no, I’m not finding your paci 13 times in one night.”  Hard on all of us.

Matthew’s transition from two naps to one was the most painful sleep transition we had ever had.

Until now.

Now he has dropped his nap completely. Or, almost completely (which is not actually “completely” then, is it?). He is tired. He is cranky. He does not know what to do with himself. He gets through the nap time and then – at 5 pm or so, declares he needs a rest. Too late! The evenings have been rough, but we have been slogging through because – hello! – he is nearly five! And they don’t nap in kindergarten!

He is asleep right now (see “almost completely given up nap”). He assured me he wasn’t tired, but when he is red faced from screaming “IAMNOTTIREDIAMNOTTAKINGARESTYOUARETHECHEATIEST!!!!” I told him he needed to go to his room and at least lie down.

Three minutes of screaming ensued, followed by blissful silence.

This does not come free, of course. At about 10:30 tonight, as I escort him back to bed for the 15th time, I’ll regret making him rest.

But for now, I’ll sip a cup of coffee and watch some not-for-kid TV and try to recharge my batteries, because otherwise?  I’ll be the one screaming.

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Fun With Sprinklers

We did some yard work over the weekend and got out the new sprinklers.

Look what David can do!

Matthew thought this was pretty funny, from a distance.

Daddy couldn’t resist joining in the fun.

Eventually they turned the water on the plants, which was the whole point of turning on the water in the first place.

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Uncle Franco’s Surprise Party

Uncle Franco turned 50 last week. Goo goo planned an excellent surprise party for him. He figured out something was afoot when he saw all the food in the fridge, but he didn’t really know what was going on until it happened. So fun!

Some college friends from NY traveled down.

His sister, Anne, and her family came, too.

(This picture makes it look like Anne is wearing a party hat, sorry! Bad photography)

The next big surprise was the wine tasting. James, from Red White and Bleu, brought six bottles of wine for us to taste, along with some complimentary meat and cheeses.

Those were, hands down, the best wines I have ever tasted. Ever.

If I had been thinking, I would have kept a list of all the wines so I could go out and buy them again, but by the time I thought of this, I was 5 wines in. And in a very very very happy place.

The kids had fun, too. Goo goo planned the party early enough in the day that our two could come along and play with their cousins. Nothing makes them happier than the chance to play with their cousins. David chanted “Goo goo house!” all the way over in the car.

We capped off the evening with some delicious chocolate cake.

Franco looked like he was having a great time

which made the party a true success.

We should all celebrate half a century with family, friends, and six bottles of wine. I know I plan to.

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The Game

David made up a game all by himself.

I tried to catch what he was saying as he played, but I am still vague on the “rules.” He laid out a bunch of game cards (and one random letter from a scrabble game?) and then put a block on each one. He seemed to be naming the pictures as he did it, so he must have had an idea of which card needed a block and why.

I asked him to show me what he was doing.

Apparently it was a one person game.

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Swimming in the Tub

Matthew loves to practice swimming in the tub. David does, too, but he has yet to put his face in the water.

Matthew loves his goggles. David does too, but he won’t wear them for more than 20 seconds.

Both boys loves bath time. Mommy loves it, too, but not for the same reason.

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The First Movie

Matthew went to his very first movie-in-a-theater last weekend. I took him to see “How to Train Your Dragon.” He was very excited to go. I told him ahead of time that the theater would be dark, and there would be some scary parts, but nothing really bad happens (I asked another mom ahead of time so we could be prepared). I was ready to walk out at any point if it got too much for him, but I was hoping the bag of $6 popcorn would help him through the rough parts.

Six bucks for a small bag of popcorn! I about died. The guy cheerfully told me for an extra dollar I could get twice as much, but frankly I just wanted my small bag to cost less.

We found seat and – oh joy! – they rocked. This kept us busy through the first 10 minutes of pre-movie commercials. “Mommy,” he asked, “where is the dragon movie?”  And then we sat through four or five previews. “Mommy!” he asked again, “why isn’t the movie starting?”

And then it started. He jumped into my lap, where he sat for the next hour and a half, eating popcorn, watching the movie, and occasionally putting my hands in front of his face. It was a very exciting movie, but nothing really bad happened, as advertised.

He didn’t ask to leave, he didn’t cry, he didn’t shriek, and he didn’t talk loudly the whole time. All in all, a pretty successful first movie.

Although he asked that next time we see a movie we should go to a theater where they don’t turn out the lights.

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100th Day of School!

Yesterday was the 100th day of school for the Star Ponies (who go 4 days a week). They had all sorts of special projects planned.

They made 50 hand prints and 50 foot prints, and everyone brought in 100 of something from home.

Matthew counted out 100 mini marshmallows with Grandma (who was visiting with Yeye for a night before their trip out west.)

They made a poster with 100 stickers,

and ate a special popsicle snack.

They also made a 100 out of marshmallows on a graham cracker smeared with frosting, but I was too late for that picture. It’s too bad, because I bet that was worth seeing.

They also made a pinata.

The pinata is underneath all the streamers next to the poster. I’m reasonably certain the kids did the decorating.

We took the pinata out to the playground and hung it up so the kids could take turns trying to break it open.

David and Roan, the resident pacifists, preferred to ride the horses while the rest of the class whacked the crap out of the pinata.

The balloon full of treats proved too heavy for its string anchor. It fell off and the teachers couldn’t get it to hang properly. I foolishly bravely offered to climb up and hold it over the edge.

Matthew and the rest of the class got their turns. Even Roan took a swing at the balloon. But it didn’t rip apart. Who knew paper mache was so sturdy? So everyone got another turn.

You know where this is going, right?

One of the kids, a girl we may all see later in the major leagues, took a mighty swing and smash right into my knuckle. Ouch. I switched hands, the kids finally busted through the pinata shell, and I went to retrieve an ice pack.

The 100th day – loads of fun, and just enough danger to keep things interesting.

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The Fort

Matthew got out the Roy Toys recently and had a good time.

He made a fire station.

He worked for a while to get the roof on. If you look carefully, you can see “yellow flames” in the bottom part of the picture. He anchored those in, too. Unfortunately, the roof and flames fell before I could get a picture.

I was really proud of the time and focus he showed while playing. It’s not the first time he’s played with these, but this is the first time I’ve seen him get the over-under concept so completely.

He was all, “yeah, whatever.”

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