100th Day of School!

Yesterday was the 100th day of school for the Star Ponies (who go 4 days a week). They had all sorts of special projects planned.

They made 50 hand prints and 50 foot prints, and everyone brought in 100 of something from home.

Matthew counted out 100 mini marshmallows with Grandma (who was visiting with Yeye for a night before their trip out west.)

They made a poster with 100 stickers,

and ate a special popsicle snack.

They also made a 100 out of marshmallows on a graham cracker smeared with frosting, but I was too late for that picture. It’s too bad, because I bet that was worth seeing.

They also made a pinata.

The pinata is underneath all the streamers next to the poster. I’m reasonably certain the kids did the decorating.

We took the pinata out to the playground and hung it up so the kids could take turns trying to break it open.

David and Roan, the resident pacifists, preferred to ride the horses while the rest of the class whacked the crap out of the pinata.

The balloon full of treats proved too heavy for its string anchor. It fell off and the teachers couldn’t get it to hang properly. I foolishly bravely offered to climb up and hold it over the edge.

Matthew and the rest of the class got their turns. Even Roan took a swing at the balloon. But it didn’t rip apart. Who knew paper mache was so sturdy? So everyone got another turn.

You know where this is going, right?

One of the kids, a girl we may all see later in the major leagues, took a mighty swing and smash right into my knuckle. Ouch. I switched hands, the kids finally busted through the pinata shell, and I went to retrieve an ice pack.

The 100th day – loads of fun, and just enough danger to keep things interesting.


April 16, 2010. Daddy, Matthew, Mommy, special occasions.

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