The First Movie

Matthew went to his very first movie-in-a-theater last weekend. I took him to see “How to Train Your Dragon.” He was very excited to go. I told him ahead of time that the theater would be dark, and there would be some scary parts, but nothing really bad happens (I asked another mom ahead of time so we could be prepared). I was ready to walk out at any point if it got too much for him, but I was hoping the bag of $6 popcorn would help him through the rough parts.

Six bucks for a small bag of popcorn! I about died. The guy cheerfully told me for an extra dollar I could get twice as much, but frankly I just wanted my small bag to cost less.

We found seat and – oh joy! – they rocked. This kept us busy through the first 10 minutes of pre-movie commercials. “Mommy,” he asked, “where is the dragon movie?”  And then we sat through four or five previews. “Mommy!” he asked again, “why isn’t the movie starting?”

And then it started. He jumped into my lap, where he sat for the next hour and a half, eating popcorn, watching the movie, and occasionally putting my hands in front of his face. It was a very exciting movie, but nothing really bad happened, as advertised.

He didn’t ask to leave, he didn’t cry, he didn’t shriek, and he didn’t talk loudly the whole time. All in all, a pretty successful first movie.

Although he asked that next time we see a movie we should go to a theater where they don’t turn out the lights.


April 17, 2010. Matthew, Mommy.

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  1. sthibeault replied:

    “…frankly I just wanted my small bag to cost less.”

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