Uncle Franco’s Surprise Party

Uncle Franco turned 50 last week. Goo goo planned an excellent surprise party for him. He figured out something was afoot when he saw all the food in the fridge, but he didn’t really know what was going on until it happened. So fun!

Some college friends from NY traveled down.

His sister, Anne, and her family came, too.

(This picture makes it look like Anne is wearing a party hat, sorry! Bad photography)

The next big surprise was the wine tasting. James, from Red White and Bleu, brought six bottles of wine for us to taste, along with some complimentary meat and cheeses.

Those were, hands down, the best wines I have ever tasted. Ever.

If I had been thinking, I would have kept a list of all the wines so I could go out and buy them again, but by the time I thought of this, I was 5 wines in. And in a very very very happy place.

The kids had fun, too. Goo goo planned the party early enough in the day that our two could come along and play with their cousins. Nothing makes them happier than the chance to play with their cousins. David chanted “Goo goo house!” all the way over in the car.

We capped off the evening with some delicious chocolate cake.

Franco looked like he was having a great time

which made the party a true success.

We should all celebrate half a century with family, friends, and six bottles of wine. I know I plan to.


April 20, 2010. Daddy, David, family, Matthew, Mommy, special occasions.

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