Giving Up The Nap

Sleep transitions have not been easy in our house. First, there was the whole “learning to fall asleep on your own” thing, and then there was the “you don’t need to eat every two hours all night long” thing, followed soon after by “and no, I’m not finding your paci 13 times in one night.”  Hard on all of us.

Matthew’s transition from two naps to one was the most painful sleep transition we had ever had.

Until now.

Now he has dropped his nap completely. Or, almost completely (which is not actually “completely” then, is it?). He is tired. He is cranky. He does not know what to do with himself. He gets through the nap time and then – at 5 pm or so, declares he needs a rest. Too late! The evenings have been rough, but we have been slogging through because – hello! – he is nearly five! And they don’t nap in kindergarten!

He is asleep right now (see “almost completely given up nap”). He assured me he wasn’t tired, but when he is red faced from screaming “IAMNOTTIREDIAMNOTTAKINGARESTYOUARETHECHEATIEST!!!!” I told him he needed to go to his room and at least lie down.

Three minutes of screaming ensued, followed by blissful silence.

This does not come free, of course. At about 10:30 tonight, as I escort him back to bed for the 15th time, I’ll regret making him rest.

But for now, I’ll sip a cup of coffee and watch some not-for-kid TV and try to recharge my batteries, because otherwise?  I’ll be the one screaming.


April 22, 2010. Matthew, Mommy.


  1. Carlin replied:

    I don’t envy you. Then again, I don’t envy me either because in the months of July and August, Rhys will be home with one of us every day and he gave up his daily naps (except at school a couple times each week … apparently he is suggestible enough to nap if everyone else is doing it) last summer. These boys!!!!

  2. libbie replied:

    Oh yes, I remember it well 🙂 Kevin was the worst. We’d make it til dinner and then….he would keel over in MID-SENTENCE into his plate of food…and would NOT wake up!!!

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