Will Pee for Jelly Beans

David has been “potty practicing” off and on for a while now. He doesn’t have to be trained until pre-school in September, but doing it early would help his eczema. Although he has always been very cheerful about using the potty, he hadn’t gotten the hang of keeping his pants dry in between potty visits.

Until this weekend.

This weekend we tried on underpants, visited the potty often, and got jelly beans for using the potty and for keeping pants dry.

Jelly beans! This has been the key element for our (relative) success. We sing our potty song as we march to the bathroom, and David yells, “Treats! Yelly beans!”

We have a way to go before he is “pre-school” potty trained, but the progress is encouraging. And even though he had a stomach virus on Potty Training Day #3, he seems to have bounced back well.

Now we just need to make sure we have enough jelly beans in the house.


April 26, 2010. Daddy.

One Comment

  1. sthibeault replied:

    Should I score a supply of jelly beans for David’s visit to Miss Suzanne’s sleep-away pre-pre-school?

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