Stop And Smell The….

… roses!

Which I grew. All by myself.

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Alexander’s Birthday

We got to help Alexander celebrate his 6th birthday on Friday with



and Star Wars action figures.

Meghan and Alexander got to watch the original Star Wars movie the week before and they were All About Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. And the light sabers, which were really the best part of those movies, if you ask me.

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Last Day of School

Friday was Matthew’s last day of pre-school at Good Shepherd. Ever. He handled it like any other day. His mother, not so much.

The Star Pony class celebrated the end of the year with a certificates, songs, and time on the playground.

Matthew and Roan singing "Caught a Baby Bumblebee"

Mrs. D. gave Matthew his certificate.

Miss S. gave Matthew his portfolio.

Grandma, Yeye, and David got to come, too.

Sarah came, too.



David played with the big kids.

How cute are they?

David like riding and Matthew liked peddling. We need one of these.

Matthew has had such a wonderful two years at Good Shepherd. I know he is ready for kindergarten, and I know he will enjoy kindergarten, but I am still sad that he is leaving pre-school. It’s just been such a wonderful experience for him, and for me. It’s going to be hard to put him on the yellow bus and send him off to the big school next year.

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Pool Season

We don’t have to wait for Memorial Day weekend around here. We can have pool season as soon as…

… we can convince Yeye to risk a heart attack or stroke blowing up the inflatable one we bought at Target.

Thank you, Yeye.

We love it!

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Pre-school Picnic

Matthew’s pre-school had their Family Day Picnic on Wednesday. We went to one of our favorite parks (behind Home Depot) for play time, games, and snack. It was fun to hang out with school friends and their parents. Matthew got to hang out with Sara, too, which is always a treat.

Both of the boys took turns playing kickball.

Grandma helped David kick the ball and run the bases.

Matthew kicked the ball good and hard, then ran straight for third.

We should probably explain the rules to him at some point. Thankfully, there were several helpful teachers and parents who successfully directed him around the bases and, eventually, back to home plate.

It was sunny and hot. The kids really needed to sit in the shade after all the running around.

Ahhhhh, much better.

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We had one of those picture perfect moments the other night, and I totally missed it. Doggone dinner preparations!

The boys were sitting on the couch looking at books. Matthew was reading them to David, who was sitting very nicely listening.

There was no arguing. There was no yelling. There was no yanking of books or ripping of pages.

I ran to grab my camera to capture the blissful moment of brother love.

Moment over!

No more sharing of books, no more reading aloud to the younger brother.

No more snuggling together on the couch.

At least they went back to being quiet.

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The Hike

On Saturday, Daddy took the boys on a hike.

There were a couple of streams to ford.

The boys were real troopers on the hike.

The hiked all the way to a waterfall.

They were very excited to see it.

Daddy let the boys splash around in the pool. He also showed Matthew how to take a drink of the fresh water.

They had a great time splashing around before hiking back to the trail head.

Then they had lunch, came home, and fell sound asleep.

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Rainy Day Play

It’s raining cats and dogs outside, but this does not deter the boys from going out and having a good time.

It just requires a different wardrobe.

Matthew is holding his newest McDonald’s toy, the Gingerbread Boy from “Shrek 4.”

Their first order of business once they got outside was finding a mud puddle.

Mission Accomplished!

Daddy joined them and they headed out for a walk.

When they got back they decided it was time for a warm drink and a snuggle on the couch.

Not a bad activity for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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Puppy Races

Our summer sitter is home from school. Hooray! I can always count on Danielle for coming up with fun ways to wear out play with the kids.

This week they had puppy races.

On your mark, get set, GO!

David's in front!

Uh, oh. That looks like illegal contact in the back stretch.

Now Matthew is in the lead.

David, doing his best to catch up.

The medal ceremony. Since Matthew was disqualified, David got the gold!

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Ball Games

The boys got a hold of a couple of balls in the house and made up a game they thought was hilarious.

They pretended to sleep on the ball, and then they would “wake up.” And then they would roll off the balls and giggle and shriek. And then they would do it all over again.

When that got too routine, they made up a song. “Pookie, pookie head” were the primary lyrics.

They were very highly entertained by this. So even if I don’t quite understand the game, I’m all for it.

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