A Little Night Music

The boys love playing music. Give them a piano to bang on and they’ll be happy for minutes. When I told Matthew that our friend in Naperville, Sam, played guitar, he was over the moon.

Sam was kind enough to let the boys strum one of his (old) guitars and bang on his (very fancy) drum set. And then, oh joy!, he treated us to a mini-concert on Saturday night.

We started off in the basement where Matthew could accompany Sam on the drums. Matthew yelled, “One! Two! Three! Four!” and then banged away on every available surface while Sam played a piece he had written. He didn’t so much as roll his eyes, but I’m pretty sure he never intended a wild drum accompaniment to any of his soulful tunes.

David played back-up guitar.

They had a great time.

Then we headed up to the family room so the adults could, you know, hear the music.

Matthew played the rhythm sticks. He was pretty good, too. He paid close attention to how fast Sam was playing and sped up, or slowed down, accordingly.

Sam has a fan for life.


May 5, 2010. family, trips.

One Comment

  1. sthibeault replied:

    Matthew was more than attentive. Matthew is a rhythm-savant, and we expect to hear shortly that the Huangs have purchased a drum kit.
    Oh yeah, dad channeled his inner rock-god, too. Apparently, what happens in Naperville doesn’t stay in Naperville. Fair warning.

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