Dear David,

Morning is not at 5:30 am. Morning does not occur until the sun comes up, or it’s past 7 am, whichever comes second. If you have a nightmare at 5:30 am, please call for your father, and then kindly go back to sleep. If you wake up on your own at 5:30 am, please read one of the 18 (give or take) books in your crib until you hear your parents pouring their first cup of coffee.

And please, for the love of humanity, if you wake up your mother at 5:30 in the morning, spend the rest of the day being sweet as pie. Otherwise, she will start actively searching for a troupe of traveling gypsies.

Much love,



May 19, 2010. David, Mommy.

One Comment

  1. Carlin replied:

    Uh oh. It looks like a day that requires an extra cup of coffee this morning, chocolate in the afternoon, and wine with dinner preparations!

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