25 Hours in the Car

We went to Cape Cod this past weekend. We drove. It took 13 hours to get there and 12 hours to get home. That is officially the longest we have spent in the car as a family.

And we are all still speaking to each other, which is no small accomplishment.

The weekend went well despite the fact that Matthew was sick the entire time. And Steven came home with poison ivy all over. But other than that, we had fun!

I’ll post pictures tomorrow.

None of the pictures show us in the car, or barfing, or covered in poison ivy.

Really. It wasn’t the worst trip we’ve ever taken.

Which doesn’t say much for some of the trips we’ve taken.

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Hand Washing

I never know what to expect when Matthew yells, “Mommy! Go get the camera!”

At least this time it was  just because they were washing hands.

And thankfully, NOT washing them in the toilet. Which is what they decided to do this morning.

“But, Mommy, the water LOOKS clean.”

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The Big Wheel

Matthew has outgrown the tricycle he rode at Nana and Grandpa’s, so they got him a big wheel.

David was happy to get the trike all to himself.

Popsicles and bike rides. These are the simple joys of summer.

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Burke Lake Park

We headed to Burke Lake Park to spend Father’s Day. It was a good day to ride the train and the carousel. We rode on each one twice.

It was a super hot day, so we were all pretty ready for a rest when we got home.

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Father’s Day Picnic

Nana and Grandpa invited us over for a Father’s Day picnic on the porch. The boys had a great time chatting with the relatives and eating potato chips. Matthew learned that Uncle Keith likes to fish. Keith told the tale of catching a 2 1/2 foot cat-fish in the Potomac. Matthew was equal parts fascinated and horrified, especially when Uncle Keith got to the part where his friend reached in to help haul the fish out of the water and encountered the cat-fish’s very sharp bony jaw plates.

Uncle Keith had to tell that  part a couple of times.

The boys also got to meet Uncle Ted’s dog, Buddy.

Buddy is a big dog with a gentle disposition. The boys felt comfortable enough to hang out with Buddy on the porch. David even got brave enough to go pet Buddy.

Buddy looked like he was a little disappointed that no one thought to feed him any cake, but otherwise he was in a good mood.

Aunt Susie and Uncle Clem were there, too, entertaining the boys and arguing about questionable ref. calls at the World Cup. Aunt Vicki drew the short straw and had to sit next to the boys while they ate dinner.

All in all, it was a lovely evening. Nana made some fabulous food (including a delicious hamburger, which I am certain helped ensure I had enough iron to donate blood the next morning) and Grandpa pushed the boys on the swing so long we were afraid one of them was going to pass out.

We almost didn’t miss Daddy.


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Fruit Trees

We got to visit some of Grandma and Yeye’s friends in DE. They have a bunch of fruit trees all around the yard. It was lots of fun to investigate the trees and pick some of the (very small, unripe) fruit.

Ya hung lifted the boys up so they could see the tiny green figs.

Yeye got some good pictures, too.

Look! A tiny cucumber! The boys were surprised by all the spines on the skin.

Then it was off to run through a ditch that ran between the yards.

See those peaches on the right? In about a month, they will be ripe enough to pick. I am sorely tempted to go up for the weekend when they ripen and help harvest them.

Ya hung also grows beautiful flowers. She picked some blossoms for the boys.

Matthew couldn’t figure out why we were laughing.

This is actually the best picture I got of the boys. They were their usual uncooperative photography subjects.

We left with our hands full of flowers and our pockets full of un-ripe pears. The flowers looked beautiful in grandma’s vase.

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No summer trip to DE is complete without a stop at Funland. The boys had a blast. Matthew rode his favorite ride twice – the fast cars! The first time he proudly rode it by himself. The second time his insisted I join him. Which I did. I sincerely hope I never have to do it again.

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David at the Beach

David had a terrific time at the beach last week. He finally overcame his fear of sand (insert eye roll here) and even got brave enough to go to the water’s edge. Well, if he was being held. He also enjoyed stomping on Matthew’s sand castles, taking walks, and driving trucks in the sand.

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Matthew at the Beach

The boys and I went to visit Grandma and Yeye in DE last week for a few days. We enjoyed some lovely weather at the beach. Matthew couldn’t get enough of running in and out of the water, making mini sand castles, and driving trucks through the sand.

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Happy Father’s Day

We have a really awesome dad

When he plays we are so glad

When he’s away we’re super sad

Happy Father’s Day to our dad.

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