The Drum

This post is just for Suzanne, but the rest of you can enjoy it, too.

Matthew got some great musical instruments for his birthday, including this drum.

Yeye tried to teach him a little bit about how to hold the sticks and beat a rhythm.

I’m not sure it sunk in. As a side note, Yeye has not played the drums since jr. high. He picked it right back up.

Inside the drum were some other instruments

like the harmonica,

and the tambourine.

Now he can be just like Daddy.


June 18, 2010. Matthew.


  1. Suzanne replied:

    I’ve been MIA! Ahhh! This is wonderful! When do you want Sam to move in as the boys’ full-time music instructor? I’m confident we could come to a mutually agreeable contract: music lessons for college tuition? Parfait!

  2. boysgonewild replied:

    Sam can move in anytime. NOVA is pretty cheap, right? And I hear they have a good music production program. Let him know Matthew got a REAL guitar for his birthday, too. And neither Steven nor I know how to tune or play the darn thing.

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