Father’s Day Picnic

Nana and Grandpa invited us over for a Father’s Day picnic on the porch. The boys had a great time chatting with the relatives and eating potato chips. Matthew learned that Uncle Keith likes to fish. Keith told the tale of catching a 2 1/2 foot cat-fish in the Potomac. Matthew was equal parts fascinated and horrified, especially when Uncle Keith got to the part where his friend reached in to help haul the fish out of the water and encountered the cat-fish’s very sharp bony jaw plates.

Uncle Keith had to tell that  part a couple of times.

The boys also got to meet Uncle Ted’s dog, Buddy.

Buddy is a big dog with a gentle disposition. The boys felt comfortable enough to hang out with Buddy on the porch. David even got brave enough to go pet Buddy.

Buddy looked like he was a little disappointed that no one thought to feed him any cake, but otherwise he was in a good mood.

Aunt Susie and Uncle Clem were there, too, entertaining the boys and arguing about questionable ref. calls at the World Cup. Aunt Vicki drew the short straw and had to sit next to the boys while they ate dinner.

All in all, it was a lovely evening. Nana made some fabulous food (including a delicious hamburger, which I am certain helped ensure I had enough iron to donate blood the next morning) and Grandpa pushed the boys on the swing so long we were afraid one of them was going to pass out.

We almost didn’t miss Daddy.



June 25, 2010. family, special occasions, the boys.

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