Matthew Goes to Camp

Matthew went to camp last week at Lake Fairfax Park. I signed him up last-minute because he was too sick to go to VBS.

The end of the story is that he had a great time and was very sad when Friday rolled around and he wouldn’t be going back.

But the beginning of the story is funny (as long as you weren’t the parent in the car, which I wasn’t. Score one for Mommy!)

We had sketchy directions telling us where the outdoor camp for 5 year-olds would meet. Daddy took Matthew because Mommy had to be at speech with David. Daddy discovered that there were about a dozen camps at Lake Fairfax Park. He visited pretty much all of them, trying to find the right place. Someone directed him to the camp run by the Y.

There was a lot of drama at drop-off the first day. Matthew was very sad. We assume he was uncertain about the camp, having never been there before, and still stuck in his I-am-sick-I-stay-at-home mentality of the past week and a half. Either way, there were tears. Lots of tears.

In the end, Steven left a sobbing Matthew in the arms of a camp counselor and our home phone number on a scrap of paper should they need to call.

Matthew was fine. He calmed down quickly and learned to play checkers. He made friends with everyone (ok, maybe not EVERYONE).

The only problem was, it wasn’t the right camp. We signed up for one through the county and this one was run through the Y. The hours were different. The activities were different. Matthew’s name was never on the sign-up sheet.

I don’t know what happened. Maybe the nature camp got cancelled? Or maybe the person who directed Steven away didn’t really know what he was doing? But once it was done, it was done. So we just went with it.

We paid for a week of camp. We went to a week (or 3 days) of camp. I’m just going to let The Universe work out the details.


July 13, 2010. Daddy, Matthew, Mommy.


  1. sthibeault replied:

    I thought this was a very effective post with no pictures: Sobbing Matthew would have broken my heart, and the Y people are probably grateful not to have photographic evidence of any workers accepting children without the required documentation. Win/win!

  2. Shelley replied:

    This is too funny!! Yeah, someone could have been in trouble here…

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