De-constructing the Deck

The old deck is gone. Thank heavens. It was a great place to play, if you didn’t mind gigantic splinters. And warped boards. And wiggly railings. It was getting kind of embarrassing.

On Tuesday “the deck guys” started work on a new one. They took down the entire old deck in a day. David peered out the back door last night and reported, “Mommy. Deck is broken.”

I can see why he thinks so. The stairs were doubled over on top of each other and the posts were…. gone. The big pit of mud was punctuated by piles of old wood.

But today! Well, today there are new posts in place. There are big boards going in with a fancy nail gun (at least, I think it’s a nail gun. I am really trying hard not to throw open the door and yell “Hey! What’s that? Where is that going? What are you going to do with that? I am a model of restraint.)

The top section of the deck will be a screened porch. The lower section will be a deck made from composite material. This satisfies both Steven’s and my concerns. I want the porch. He doesn’t want to stain a deck. Win, win!

The deck will be ready sometime next week. Every day Matthew has asked if it’s done yet. “Decks take a long time,” I explained. “It will take about two weeks. It will be ready by next Friday.”

“But, but…” he spluttered, “that’s like weeks!”

My children. They grasp the obvious like nobody’s business.


July 14, 2010. family.

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