The Earth Moved. We Slept.

On my way to the coffee pot this morning, Steven informed me there had been an earthquake at 5 am.

In our area.

Which people who live near us felt.

Not me. Or Steven. Or either child. We slept through the whole thing. The earthquake, centered in Germantown, MD, registered 3.6. Friends said they heard a rumble, or felt the house shake. Most thought it was a low flying plane.

I don’t even think I rolled over. It’s very disappointing. It isn’t often you get to be part of a Big News Story That Isn’t Really Bad. And I totally missed it!

I consoled myself with an extra cup of coffee.


July 16, 2010. family.


  1. sthibeault replied:

    We slept through our first mid-western earth quake, but the cat didn’t. We sat bolt-upright for the second one, but the cat didn’t. Looking forward to seeing if you follow our pattern for the next one…

  2. sthibeault replied:

    3.6 is like a your neighbor slammed the oven door. If you wake up because of that….

    • Paul replied:

      Wait! That wasn’t Suz. That was Paul who posted that response. Dadgum stuppit innernet.

    • Elizabeth replied:

      Well, see, I AM a light sleeper. I wake up when it RAINS. You’d think I would wake up because the house is shaking! But no, apparently, I was too busy sleeping.

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