Soy Ice Cream

We got an ice cream maker as a wedding gift seven years ago. I made peach ice cream the first summer we had it. Do not try to stir fresh peaches into vanilla ice cream and then freeze it. I made delicious ice cream full of peach-flavored blocks of ice.

Then we had two kids and I tucked the ice cream maker into the pantry.

But no more! Steven and I have been talking about making soy ice cream for the boys. It’s ridiculously hard to find, considering how easy it is to get soy milk and soy yogurt.

When I was a kid, my dad made me soy ice cream at home. I got to pick my own color. I always picked blue. Always.

I looked up some recipes on-line. They were…. crazy. I may not remember exactly how my dad made it, but I know For Sure he did not sprinkle gelatin on top of apple juice and blah blah blah.

So I used the “no cook” version for regular ice cream and adapted it. I used 3 cups of soy milk (instead of mixing whole milk and heavy cream) and a cup of sugar. Then I put it in the ice cream machine for 25 min. After it was mixed, I put it in the freezer for the afternoon.

Viola! Soy ice cream. It’s pretty delicious, too, if I do say so myself.

Now I have to go back and figure out to make peach ice cream for real. It shouldn’t be too hard, as long as there is no gelatin-on-apple-juice involved.


July 20, 2010. Mommy.


  1. sthibeault replied:

    Trader Joe’s. And I do SOY so myself. I have the greatest respect for anyone willing to make frozen treats– soy, milk or rice based. The closest I come is a frozen prosecco treat. Did it just get interesting?

  2. emma replied:

    too funny, parallel experiences this summer – jason & I got married 8 years ago, got our ice cream maker & I pulled it out last week for the first time (ever) – washed it out the first time & everything. Anyway, used 7 pints of fage yogurt to make some great peach, blueberry & french vanilla froyo. Stuff was great (that day). Pulled some out today to take to the pool – figured 45 minutes would be great to warm it up enough to scoop & it was half creamy whipped smoosh (good bit a bit melted) & half icee briquette (not too much ice, but still solid fro-yo). We had a good laugh. Still figuring out how to handle the remaining 5 tubs in the freezer!

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