They’re BACK!!!!

That’s right, the photos are back.


I have (sort of) figured out how to deal with the space-eating photos. As much fun as it has been to rely entirely on writing, I’m glad to be able to post photos again.




July 25, 2010. Mommy, the boys.


  1. Suzanne replied:

    I really was enjoying the interim text-heavy version of Bgw!, but now that They’re BACK! the world seems right again. Maybe this will break the heat. Here’s hoping. Also, I’d appreciate a tutorial during my visit on all things blogtograpy. You’re aces, babe.

  2. boysgonewild replied:

    I promise to try and do a few “werds” blogs each week, too. And the photos are a snap. They’d have to be. I have ZERO technical skills.

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