The “deck guys” put the screen up the other day. Almost the first thing that happened was a butterfly got stuck.

Matthew and I attempted a rescue. There wasn’t a door yet, but the butterfly couldn’t seem to consider an option other than “forward.” I found a stray piece of nail-gun-strip that I thought I could use to gently redirect the butterfly towards the outside.

The butterfly went totally cracker dog. After two attempts (cuz if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!) I was afraid it would die of a heart attack. So we let it be.

Then I realized the “deck guy” was watching.

“Butterfly,” I said. “It’s stuck.”

I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m a lunatic. After his lunch break, he walked over, cupped his hands, and scooped the butterfly out the open door way.

In my defense, the butterfly was really high up, and the “deck guy” is a good head taller than me.


July 29, 2010. family, Mommy.


  1. sthibeault replied:

    I’m pretty sure this is a good-luck omen– a butterfly blessing.

  2. boysgonewild replied:

    I’m pretty sure it is more proof that I did NOT miss my calling to be an animal rescuer of any kind. :)The touch, I do not have it.

  3. Susie replied:

    I love the cracker dog reference. Long live James Herriot!

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