Almost Finished

The deck is very very very close to being done. Really, there are only two small things left to do.

Hip, hip, hooray!

I tried to take some photos along the way to show the progress. It was amazingly fast.

Here is a picture of the old deck.

Since we were adding a screened porch, the floor and footings of the upper deck had to be re-done.

We went with a composite floor, called “Evergrain,” which should be much easier to maintain than regular wood.

The next piece was the frame for the porch.

Those new stairs are so solid. I didn’t realize how degraded our old ones were until I walked up and down these. Plus? They are level. AMAZING!!!

The roof required a whole lot of hammering during nap time.

We persevered. And napped in Mommy and Daddy’s room.

The skylights are beautiful.

And here we are – done except for a few last touches.

Quite a difference, eh?

Matthew suggested that maybe we should, you know, put stuff on it. I sighed and said that yes, we were planning on doing that soon.

As usual, we took too long and Matthew solved his problem all by himself.

You gotta give the kid credit for taking some initiative. I’m not sure why David needs a bike helmet on the deck, but I’m afraid if I ask Matthew will tell me and then I’ll have to sigh and roll my eyes and explain why you CANNOT strap explosives to your brother REGARDLESS of his wearing a bike helmet.

Instead I’m going to re-paint our picnic table and whip up some margaritas and enjoy the screened porch and ceiling fan.


July 30, 2010. family.


  1. Shelley replied:

    I’m ready for that drink now- will even supply the wine:)

    LOVE it!!!

  2. Elizabeth replied:

    Are you coming to Alli’s gathering? Cuz it’ll be on the deck. And you KNOW I’ll be serving drinks. 🙂

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