Fire Hazards 101

Along the way to getting a new deck, we learned a few interesting things.

1. Although they migrate hundreds of thousands of miles from Canada to South America, and back, each year, butterflies cannot figure out how to get off a screened porch.

2. Putting shingles 0n an entire porch roof does not take as long as putting together one ceiling fan.

3. Sometimes, when things aren’t wired just right, you can have a little flame burning right there on the wire hanging out of your kitchen wall.

Who knew?

The scary thing about the burning wire (aside from the FLAME part) was that it did not trip the braker. You’d think it would, right? That doggone braker tripped a dozen times a day while the “deck guys” were nail-gunning and circular-sawing. But when the wire caught fire? Nada. The only thing that tipped of “the guys” to a problem was the sound of me shrieking (ever calm in an emergency, that’s me) and running across the floor to smother it with a towel.

Matthew asked if all wires catch fire like that. And when I assured him that it was very unusual, he offered to keep an eye on that one in case it happened again.

Oy vey.

Once the fan was re-wired, it worked without incident. Steven was away (of course! That man can avoid trouble like a gazelle sniffing a lion) but I know he’ll b glad to hear that a) it’s fixed and b) it wasn’t his fault.


July 31, 2010. family.

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