Beach, Day #1

Our first full day at the beach was beautiful. It was a warm, sunny day and we got a chance to head to the beach after breakfast.

Snack on the beach

Ridin' Grandpa's shoulders.

Get set for....

flying over the waves!

"Mommy, look!"

"Look at this funny face!"

Here is the view of our condo building from the beach.

The condo.

It was nice to have a vacation with Nana and Grandpa, which we haven’t ever done before. Since they had their own unit, they could get up or go to bed whenever they wanted. Plus, it gave the kids a whole extra place to visit during the day. One of their favorite things was to go to “Nana and Grandpa’s place” and sit on the bunk beds.

Mommy and Daddy didn’t mind that at all.

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Back Home

We’re back home, safe and sound, from vacation.

The best news – no one barfed! Not even once! Hip, hip, hooray!

I’ll get the pictures up as soon as I sort through them all.

But now we have to go get some haircuts, because these boys are starting to look like little Yetis.

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29 I

It’s my birthday today.I got to celebrate turning “29 I” by going to the beach, the pool, having a massage, sneaking a hot donut from the Duck Donuts box (don’t tell) and going out to dinner with Steven.

I am such a blessed person. I could really sit all day and list the many things for which I am grateful, not the least of which is a barf-free (so far!) vacation.

But one of the biggest blessings I have, which I hope to never take for granted, is having two happy, healthy kids.

I recently found out about a boy who shares my birthday and lives near our family. He was diagnosed, at 5 months, with a rare form of cancer. Although he was treated aggressively, he died a few days short of his first birthday. It’s been wrenching to read his mother’s blog of the months – MONTHS – spent in the hospital. Every time I read it, I walk away thinking how unbelievably fortunate I am.

So, if you haven’t gotten me a present yet, perhaps you could take a moment and say a little prayer for those parents who aren’t that lucky. And maybe add in a little something about finding a cure for childhood cancer.

And ending war. And famine. Why waste a good prayer.

Many thanks,


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Here’s Hoping

Last time we went on vacation Matthew started throwing up the first night. He was sick for 14 days, probably with rotavirus. Both Daddy and David got poison ivy. Mommy got a sunburn. We left early, driving until 2 am and when Mommy desperately┬áneeded a Snicker’s bar to get through the last part of the trip, all they had was a warm Milky Way.

It was not a great trip. It was not a terrible trip, but it was not a great trip.

We are at the beach. It’s the first week-long beach vacation we have had as a family. We are hoping it goes a little more smoothly.

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Last week, our friends Paul and Suzanne came for a visit from Chicago. We had them over for dinner and then took a walk around the new neighborhood across the street. Paul got a few pictures of the boys, including this rather fabulous one of David.

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Before and After

*I started this post the day I used up all my picture space. It’s been in “draft” since then.

I spent a few hours cleaning up the basement this week getting ready for play group. Steven always rolls his eyes when I clean up before play group, but since we haven’t hosted in a while I thought it would be good to tidy up.

The before shots.

The After shots.

That’s not even the worst our play group can do.

Thankfully, all my hard work was not wasted. I labeled the bins, so I could put it all away pretty fast. I have become obsessed/enamored with labeled bins. I go to sleep dreaming of a house perfectly organized into labeled bins.

It’s a lovely dream.

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Laundry Mishaps

There’s kleenex in the dryer

I’m not sure who put it there.

There’s kleenex in the dryer

It’s stuck to my underwear.

There’s kleenex in the dryer

It’s stuck to my new black dress.

There’s kleenex in the dryer

What a most distressing mess.

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Table Curling

Ok, it’s not real curling, but it’s a whole lot LIKE curling.

Mom and Dad got Susie a fun game for her new home.

It came with little disks that you have to slide down the course towards the bulls-eye. Best of all, there is sand you sprinkle over the board to help the disks slide better.

Susie was very good about explaining the game to the boys and giving them turns. Matthew had a really good time and hit the target as often as not. David waited until Matthew wandered off and then entertained himself by climbing on the table and shooting from half course.

I’ll admit, I played a few rounds, too. It was a really fun game.

“At last, I have it all to myself. Score!”

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Joint Birthday Party

Susie and I share the same birthday month, but she is at the beginning and I am at the end. So we split the difference and had a joint party in the middle.

Matthew and David helped put candles in the cake.

They also helped sing the song,

and blow out the candles.

Yes, there are two cakes. Susie gets her annual ice cream cake, and I get my annual cake-with-the-wonderfully-awful-frosting-from-the-grocery-store.

Two cakes mean two knives.

The boys had some of my cake. David’s fork was clearly superfluous.

We had presents, let the boys run off their sugar high, and then tossed them in the tub. It was a lovely way to celebrate with my favorite sister.


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Of Corn Kernels and Noses

We had movie night on Friday. It’s not movie night without popcorn. Matthew picked “Tinkerbell,” I made the popcorn and we all settled in for a delightful evening.


At some point, David asked to go the bathroom and I went with him. He seemed preoccupied with picking his nose (eww, ick!) so I grabbed a tissue and told him to blow.

And out came a popcorn kernel.

“Did you put this in your nose?” I demanded.

“Yeah.” he said, as if I should have known that before I asked.

“Well, don’t.” I said. “We don’t put things up our noses.”

I’m not sure if I made much of an impression on him. I guess we’ll find out next Friday night.

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