A(nother) Visit to Delaware

When Daddy’s away, we go play!

OK, not really. Mostly we do exactly the same thing as usual, except I wash 2 fewer dishes. But since Daddy was gone over a(nother) weekend, we headed up to see Grandma and Yeye.

We managed to bring absolutely beautiful weather with us, which made going to the beach, fishing, and putt-putt golf all the more enjoyable.

On our second beach day, we discovered a big hole in the sand. The boys had been running in and out for 20 min. before Yeye ran back for his camera.

Matthew was happy to show off how quickly he could run from one side to the other.

So then David decided he would show off for the camera, too.

And then he was done.

I would like to thank the anonymous benefactors who provided this hole for us. It really made our morning.


August 2, 2010. David, Matthew, the boys, trips.

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