Soccer Camp is Our Everest

Or, perhaps, our Waterloo. Either way, it is NOT a roaring success.

I have made many mistakes on this. Allow me to enumerate. 1) Too many camps in too many different directions. 2) It’s mid-August. It’s hot. 3) It’s our first time with soccer. 4) It’s our first time playing a sport. 5) It’s not a drop-off camp, so he has me there to complain to.

In Matthew’s defense, he’s not the worst one out there by a long shot. He participates mostly. He hugs the coaches (God bless them, they are patient women). He stays on the field, which a few of his camp-mates will not do. It could be worse. But it could be better. And the teacher in me sits in the tiny patch of shade on a hill and bites back my frustration that he isn’t front and center, listening to the directions and immediately running off to do what they say.

Patience is a skill as well as a virtue. Lucky for me, I get to practice a LOT this week.

PS – Matthew has no such frustration. He is upstairs playing Rescue Heroes with David. I don’t think he has thought about soccer camp for two whole minutes since he grabbed his Gatorade and got in the car.


August 10, 2010. Matthew, Mommy.


  1. Susie replied:

    Oh dear. Can you abort the mission? You know how I support early exits for things that don’t pan out.

  2. Carlin replied:

    Only three days left!! You can do it. You can sit there with the teacher inside you howling and spitting. You can sweat. You can do anything for three more days. (And, you can reward yourself this weekend with whatever you need to compensate for the week you’ve endured!)

  3. boysgonewild replied:

    Thanks, Carlin. We’ll make it. And even if it’s the worst week of our life (which it really won’t be) we’ll still have 51 others. 🙂

  4. Susie replied:

    I’ll check his moves out on Saturday. I bet by then he’ll be talking about what a great time he had.

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