Of Corn Kernels and Noses

We had movie night on Friday. It’s not movie night without popcorn. Matthew picked “Tinkerbell,” I made the popcorn and we all settled in for a delightful evening.


At some point, David asked to go the bathroom and I went with him. He seemed preoccupied with picking his nose (eww, ick!) so I grabbed a tissue and told him to blow.

And out came a popcorn kernel.

“Did you put this in your nose?” I demanded.

“Yeah.” he said, as if I should have known that before I asked.

“Well, don’t.” I said. “We don’t put things up our noses.”

I’m not sure if I made much of an impression on him. I guess we’ll find out next Friday night.


August 15, 2010. David, Mommy.

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